One Platform

Unified Engagement For Any Audience

One Platform

Unified Engagement For Any Audience

  • Live Streaming

    Industrial Strength Delivery

    Our dedicated, multi-homed Tier1 network serves more listeners across Asia Pacific than any other CDN. All of our broadcast partners have experienced breakthrough audience growth with the most reliable and progressive audio network in the region.

  • Targeted Audio Advertising

    Agency Centric In-Stream

    Already installed as a standard across Europe, making waves across the US and now set to become the first choice across the Asia Pacific region, AdsWizz provides the only true hyper-targeted one-to-one audio advertising across any audio platform on any device.

  • Audience Measurement

    Deep Insights In Real-Time

    RADIOactive’s powerful analytics platform offers the most flexible way to gain insights into your online and mobile audience. Out of the box, you’ll be provided with everything you need, and our customized options allow you to access and chart every data element you need to report on.

  • Content Management

    Everything Radio Needs

    The AppManager™ platform provides radio stations with everything they need to create and manage digital content across all platforms. Designed for simple use by any team member to create events, schedules, personalty profiles, contests, galleries, podcasts and more!

  • AirFetcher

    Total PAD Control

    Manage your entire music library and "Now Playing" information from a single, searchable online panel. AirFetcher helps clean up your station's metadata and allows you to customize everything that displays to your listeners in real time across all of your digital assets.

  • Engagement Engine

    Wisdom From the Crowd

    Gain access to insights from your listeners! Whether it's handing over your playlist to your audience with the AuDRi™ real-time voting engine, collecting feedback for your weekly charts or simply allowing your listeners to join in the conversation across social media.

Trusted By Asia's Biggest and Best

Every day, millions of listeners across many cultures and languages engage with the industry's most prominent broadcasters through RADIOactive's unified platform. Our partners rely on us to deliver rock-solid, dependable content delivery and real time information and analytics to power their digital business. We are proud to count Asia Pacific's Biggest names amongst our client base.

All of our clients have experienced breakthrough audience growth, doubling or tripling their online audience sometimes in as little as six months. Massive increases in Time Spent Listening and audience engagement have helped our clients profit from their online assets immediately and not only hit targets, but often exceed them.

Above all, we live to make everything work for your station, network or cluster, with around-the clock-service and rock solid reliability.

LATEST! RADIOactive partners with MediaCorp Singapore in multi year deal to provide online streaming music service!

Audio Advertising

Amazingly Effective. In-Stream or On-Demand

Audio Advertising

Hyper-Targeted. In-Stream or On-Demand


Revolutionary AdsWizz Technology

Already installed as a standard across Europe, making waves across the US and now set to become the first choice across South East Asia and Australia, the AdsWizz platform provides the world’s first agency-centric technology to deliver one-to-one in-stream audio advertising across any audio platform without sacrificing on your listeners' experience.

Unleash the power of your digital audio assets with the world's foremost in-stream targeted technology to deliver a true one-to-one targeted experience to your listeners. Whether by location, device, address or application right down to complete socio-demo targeting, agencies and advertisers alike can now target by individual user profiles!

Cross Platform Activation

Seamless rich media campaigns for any station across any device

Radio campaigns are rarely described as "rich" or "beautiful", but that's all changed. Now you can synchronise any graphic or visual element with your pre-roll or in-stream radio spots. You can even target different visuals for different listeners, depending on their age, gender, location, IC number or even through contextual re-targeting. Make your station's commercials come alive!

Totally Social

Get closer to your audience

RADIOactive's deep social integration within every aspect of the audio advertising chain ensures your audience stays connected with your station and your brand stays top-of-mind. We leverage upon a powerful multi-platform approach to provide relevant insights and make sure you're connecting with your audience in a meaningful way.

Whether it's giving your audience the power to influence what they hear with AuDRi, keeping track of their favorite new music and personalities, or even being the DJ - we'll keep you and your audience on the right path towards true communication.

Just how radio should be.

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Beautiful Applications

Bringing It All Together

We've built music and radio apps for some of the leading names in the business. Whether you just need to stream your station, maximize your brand or want to deliver a complete on-demand audio experience, we can help you bring it to life and make it beautiful.

Our web and mobile apps all come with hyper-targeted, rich companion display advertising functionality built in and we guarantee your listeners will keep coming back for more!

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Heads up! RADIOactive launches Xeocoder - world's first professional Opus encoder!

Engage Your Audience

Take YOUR digital business to the next level

Engage Your Audience

Take YOUR digital business to the next level

Latest: RADIOactive reports 30% year-on-year increase in aggregate listening across Asia!

We Love Radio More

We Love Radio More

Leadership Team

Headquartered in Singapore, we are passionate tech, radio and audio professionals.

  • Aloysius Tan

    Aloysius Tan

    Co-Founder, GM Sales

    Coffee, Family, Judo

  • Yohan Launay

    Yohan Launay

    Co-Founder, Technical Advisor

    Sleeps less than you

  • Andrew Crothers

    Petri Lind

    Senior Systems Architect

    Will break pool cues

  • Russell Stanley

    Russell Stanley

    Lead Systems Architect

    Robots, LEGO, London's Pride

  • Maël Derio

    Maël Derio

    Audio Research and Development Lead

    He's French

  • Lincoln Ng

    Lincoln Ng

    Chief Designer

    Beats, Laksa, More Beats

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